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Possum Pants beating mosquitoes in Malaysia

Received a wonderful email from Renee in Malaysia today......

"Just want to say how perfect these pants are for kindy here in the tropics in Malaysia. Mosquito (dengue) protection for kids without the need to cover them in chemicals each day. Also perfect for covering sensitive/eczema prone skin which gets itchy in this heat! Absolutely love your products, can't wait for more colours!"

She emailed these beautiful photos of her son; wearing a Chill top with Rainbow Red Possum Pants in Kuala Lumpur, and a Popsicle top with Navy Possum Pants by the Malacca River. "Needless to say light and comfy Mozzie protection was very important to me there!" she explains.

Thanks Renee - fantastic to hear Three Sun Possums is helping!

Chill top keeping him covered in KL

Popsicle top keeping him cool by river in Malaysia