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Instagram, and how to access endless emojis

I don't write blogs all that often, but I do post on Instagram more frequently, so if you're ever wondering where we've disappeared to, or looking for some outfit inspiration from our cute customers, check out @three.sunpossums . Click link here. For those following along with the Insta-saga, you'll know we've been mysteriously blocked from actively using @threesunpossums, but if you want vintage posts, that's the place to go! Now on @three.sunpossums we can actually write comments, and comments on others posts. You'll also find me giving a hoot out to anything good I've read or listened to (podcasts & audio books). Keeping it positive, I don't post anything that didn't enjoy, as I'm sure there are people out there who read/listen and enjoy, just not me. We're all different, right ?! 🦄

Fun trick I just learnt last week, so I'm passing it on....if you click the Windows key (the one down the bottom of the keyboard, that has four solid shapes that looks like an elongated...Window) and the full stop key at the same time, you get a full menu of emoji's to chose from! It seems to only work in Outlook, but I might be wrong. You're probably all over this already, but I just learnt it, and I feel like I'm so much more interesting because of it 🤩🐞🥝🥂

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