Sun Protection

Our shirts are made with high quality natural cotton that is cool and comfortable for the wearer, with long sleeves and high necklines to help keep precious skin covered from the burning sun. 

Yellow sun

As is the case with sunscreen, Three Sun Possums products do not provide complete protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays.  Parents/caregivers should still be SunSmart.  For more visit the Cancer Council at 

The website has lots of great information about sun protection and a free smartphone App that you can use to check UV levels when you're out and about.  Click here to get more info about the free App, it's really handy.  The Bureau of Meterology also publishes a daily UV alert, that indicates when sun protection is required at your location today.  Click here to view your local UV levels.


Our fabric does not carry any specific UPF rating.  To provide any sun protection clothing has to be worn, therefore our focus is designing garments that are wonderful to wear, to put on and to look at - so they'll be enthusiastically chosen for outdoor fun!