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Wondering if Three Sun Possums long sleeve, cool cotton clothing is right for your family? Our happy customers would say "Yes"!  

We absolutely love your clothes! My two year old daughter first wore the red possum pants in size 1 and now we have navy, palm tree and purple in size 2 as well as so many of your tops. These pants are so well designed. Rolled up or full length, they have the right amount of give for very active play. Your fabrics are fun, elegant and super cool in the heat.

Julia, NSW

I have been ordering tops from you for a few years now but only periodically as they last for ages for my daughter.  We use them a lot in the summer as she is a very fair skinned red head and can't go into the sun uncovered at all. She loves them. She's 12 now and still happily wears them.

Kelsie, Western Australia


I have been meaning to write to let you know the top I ordered is fantastic and my daughter loves wearing it. We get lots of comments about it too, people love the roosters!

Melita, Queensland

I absolutely love them! So good for keeping the sun off and they look really sweet on my daughter.


Sally, Queensland

The tops and pants are perfect. They have been mishandled, washed, dried in the dryer, stained and yet the remain like they were the first day!  

Aida, Switzerland

Thank you. Our Three Sun Possums shirts have been well loved and used. We always get comments on them and people ask where we bought them as shirts like that are so hard to find. The kids are really looking forward to getting their new ones. 

Thanks heaps!

Rebecca, Victoria


The new tops are lovely.  The ones i bought last summer were excellent. My daughter wore them constantly to childcare and they withstood all the rough & tumble!

Amy, Queensland


I tell all my friends how amazing your products are.  I have 2 little ones in family day care for 2 days a week and they spend a lot of time outdoors (In Alice Springs you can imagine the sun factor!) so these are a godsend.  I never let them go to daycare without one.  Many thanks for such a wonderful product.

Kelly, Northern Territory


The sun is my natural enemy and it's so hard to find pretty comfortable sun-sensible clothing. Thank you for yours! My daughter has been getting so many compliments about the top; it's so lovely.  And the pants have been incredibly durable and my only real fallback for those roasting summer days at childcare - keeping little legs covered but cool.

Catherine, NSW


He loves the shirts we got, wore them heaps and they've now been inherited by my toddler, (still in great condition!), and she's moving up a size! 

Cat, Queensland


We received our wonderful package yesterday, thank you so so much! We will definitely be ordering some more!

Louise, Torrens Strait


The tops have arrived. They are beautiful and just what I needed. Thank you!

Kathryn, Ireland


Wanted to thank you for mailing the tops so quickly.  I love them, made beautifully, have washed really well and great colours.

Carolyn, Victoria


My little boy wore his shirt today and we got lots if lovely comments - it kept him sun safe and still nice and cool on a warm day so we were really happy.  Thanks so much.

Claire, South Australia


Tops received with thanks. The kids and I love them. The design, print, cut and all.

Love it.

Eileen, Victoria


I received our tops today - thank you! I absolutely love your tops. This is my second year back to purchase more tops from you.
Alison, Victoria


Thank you so much for our beautiful tops and possum pants.  My daughter looks so cute in them and they are so cool and comfy!!  I love them so much I would like to order some more for Christmas presents.

Alice, Queensland


We got the shirt and it’s PERFECT!! Great fit – great material – great design – I love it so much I want to order another one in the blue pattern...

Melissa, Queensland


My son had so much wear out of his top last summer, and it lasted so well, I just handed it on to a friend for her little boy

Jane, NSW


I have been so impressed with the 3 shirts we bought from you last year. The kids wear them heaps and they get lots of stains on them, but they wash beautifully and have not faded despite lots of time spent in bleach to get stains out. Most importantly they are not too hot for the kids to wear (very important for us since we live in Cairns).

Kristina, Queensland


Hi Michelle, got the tops today and they are lovely - the little one even said he might wear them!!  The one top I got for myself, my 12 year old has snatched so....

Guess they are a big success!

Felicity, Singapore


Just wanted to let you know that our gorgeous top is getting plenty of wear and I have to say it washes beautifully and does such a great job of keeping my daughter cool but covered up!

Rochelle, Queensland


The shirts are great for daycare especially when you can't be sure if sunscreen is always applied. And great for the hot weather up here in central queensland :) 

Steph, Queensland

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