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Big health news for all females 18-74 years

While looking for an online version of the new Cancer Council skin cancer ad (spotted last night and it made me look up from what I was doing – anyone else multitask while watching their favourite TV program?) I came across this. Big news for all females 18 – 74 years. The two-yearly PAP test is being replaced by a more accurate five-yearly test. From what I understand it looks for the virus which, if left untreated, can lead to cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer. The current test looks for the cell changes, so this test detects potential problems earlier. Meaning treatment can begin earlier and it’s expected to reduce cervical cancer deaths by 20-30%. The estimated number of deaths in Australia during 2017 from cervical cancer is 254. With this new test at least 50 Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Cousins and Daughters will be saved. And the test is now every 5 years. Although your first test should be 2 years after your previous PAP test, from then on it’s five-yearly. Wow. Thank you clever Scientists who developed this new screening test. This is big news.

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