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Celebrating the beginning of the second Ashes test in our cricket crazy house

Summer is officially here, even if the weather is still acting like it’s Spring. 38 degrees one day, 21 degrees the next. I know it’s summer because the long awaited Ashes series has begun. The crack of the ball and bat connecting, the thud of the ball crashing into the stumps, the roar of the crowd, and off course the expert commentary from us at home in the cheap seats. ​

​Is there any other sporting event in the world where individual matches go for up to 5 days and the whole challenge between the two teams takes almost a month and a half? For those 1 – 12 year olds channeling Mr. Usman Khawaja, out there at the crease in the baking sun, what better way to cover up and still keep cool than with beautiful lightweight cotton Chill Top and Possum Pants. “Nice one Garry”.

Long sleeve top and pants in cool, lightweight cotton

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