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This email I received made me very happy

No new sale for us, but apparently there’s a great second hand market for Three Sun Possums – that’s so cool! Here’s a beautiful picture Tanya sent of her daughter in her lovely ‘reloved’ Three Sun Possums top. Looks as good as new! Tanya had emailed me a question about sizing, and when I didn't hear back from her I emailed her again, asking if she had all the info she needed. This is her reply. Great value Australian Design!

Hi Michelle. Thankyou for the follow up. Would you believe that same day I messaged you a lady was selling 4 second hand sun possum shirts in size 2 - so I purchased them and my little one has been wearing every day since!! They are size 2, so ok for a while. Will def purchase next size up when she outgrows them. They are just lovely.

Tanya, ACT

Australian Designed Breezy top second hand value