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All items in sample sale have gone and there is no link on the website anymore

I've received a few emails from people who are wanting to see the sample items for sale and can't find them.

Unfortunately all the stock was sold within 8 minutes. Once it was sold it disappeared from the website, so after 8 minutes there was nothing left and whole 'Sample Sale' option was deleted. There is nothing on the website that says Sample Sale at all now.

I have since also heard that the option to chose a Collection (ie. click on Sample Sale) wasn't visible on all mobile devices, so I'm sorry this was your experience.

If I do something like this again I'll do it a different way, so all devices can take part. Having said that, it's unlikely to happen again as I don't get many samples made and today was an accumulation of about 6 years worth. I'm fairly confident in the product by the time it gets to making up an actual garment. I spend a lot of time with the style and then the fabric, so by the time they are put together they are usually pretty much ready to sell as standard items.

Apologies for any frustration and disappointment caused.

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