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Possum Pants - tell us what you want!

What new colour do you want? Although it’s getting wintery in some parts, try to put your summer head on – beating sun, blazing rays. What is going to work with your little Possum’s summer wardrobe, and what can’t you find elsewhere – this is the big question – what can’t you find in the way of colours of lightweight cotton pants anywhere else? I’ve always been reluctant to do navy as there might be other options out there (long shorts/pants), but what do you think? Based on some great feedback recently here are the options I’m tossing around.......

? Khaki

? Navy

? Light blue

? Green

? Dark grey

Feel free to send photos of what you'd like, or make other suggestions.

Not necessarily the shades below - but just as illustration to get your creative juices flowing!

Lightweight cotton pants for kids new colours Australian design


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