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Road tripping with Three Sun Possums

Do yourself a favour and visit the travel blog Will Travel on Gravel, written by a family touring Australia with their two children. Maybe grab a coffee for the adventure, and sit down to be inspired – travel our beautiful country from the comfort of your computer! Travel clothing for this sun-savvy family was carefully picked, with everything being weighed due to tyre pressure (who would have thought!) but Three Sun Possums made the cut and was packed for Mr 7 and Miss 10. You will see our Popsicle Green Smiley Shark frolicking at Lucky Bay, Australia's whitest beach where the kangaroos come right down to the water line, and Cabana Yellow climbing Frenchman's Peak in Cape Le Grande at the southern tip of WA. Warning…..after viewing the first few installments I started dreaming of what adventures and memories I can help create for my family. Perhaps it will have the same effect on you.