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The end of winter?

I'm not sure, but maybe winter is ending. Winter sports seem to be finishing up, so I'm sure the weather will be changing soon. Maybe it's already changed where you are. We celebrated the end of a great footy season with gingerbread players. I get my best ideas in the shower and this was one of them! I wish I'd thought of it a few days earlier though and given myself more time to get them made. I was like a mad Masterchef contestant with blue and yellow icing flying everywhere in an effort to get them done before practice that afternoon. But they were completed in time, despite running out of green food colouring for grass at the last minute, and were gobbled up by the hungry players after their last training for the season. That's it for footy this year. Spring must be just around the corner....

Gingerbread Football player biscuits

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