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On holiday

Like many of you we're taking a break. Heading for the beach, the bush and places in between! Any orders placed after 5pm 24th December won't be shipped until Monday 7th January. Place your order as normal and you'll hear from us on 7th January, letting you know your order has been received and your delivery is on the way. Check your spam or junk mail for the email from us.

If you have any questions between 24th December and 7th January please feel free to call Michelle on her mobile 0417 812 535. She will put down her icy drink, put a book mark in one of the many titles she optimistically hopes to be reading, dust the sand off her hands, and happily talk Three Sun Possums! Glad to take all calls, but won't be near a computer to answer emails queries.

UV rating sign at beach sunsmart