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New arrivals!

So exciting! New tops and dresses added to the shop just now. Anyone following along via Instagram will be familiar with the story, but to repeat myself (because as anyone that knows me will tell you, I do like to tell a good story several times)....I was very nervous about a new print, as the saturated colour and absolute explosion of shades is a bit of a departure for the crisp, clean colours of Three Sun Possums. Now the samples are made I can't believe how beautifully the print has turned out; still in the natural, lightweight cotton to keep your possum feeling cool & comfortable, while being covered from the sun. I love the new print and hope you will too. Called Fiesta it's available in Sky blue and Teal blue colourways. At this stage I've just done a couple of sizes in Cabana top and Breezy dress, but depending upon your response I'll extend the size selection in time for spring. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.