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How do you like to shop online?

We’ve got all these amazing Limited Editions this spring and summer and are wondering how you like to shop. We want to make it easy for you to browse, see what you like and chose designs for your little Possums.

We can load all the Limited Editions into the Shop as individual items. There’s 27 (!) new prints in girls top styles, 30 in boys or unisex styles (Popsicle & Chill) & 4 new dresses. Most of these are only available sizes 1 – 4 years, and are some highly limited and might not be around much past November based on past demand. But we’re worried this many options, in addition to the standard range (available sizes 1-12 yrs) might be too overwhelming to shop. Or are you comfortable scrolling through pages of different colours and styles? The search function on the website will be very useful, especially searching on just the sizes you’re interested in.

The majority of new prints are variations on a theme. For example – we went Star mad and there’s four different colours of Stars, both in Breezy and Popsicle style. There’s three different colours of Diamonds and seven of Leaves! Other websites sometimes present only the lead colour, and when you click on it you can see other variations of colour available. This would cut down the scrolling, but we worry that some beautiful options might get lost, tucked away behind only the ‘hero’ colour.

How do you like to shop? Do you like to see all the options without having to click through, and are happy to scroll through many pictures. (Vote: 'Option 1') Or would you rather see just each an example of each print and if it tickles your fancy you can click on it, and the other colour options will appear? (Vote: 'Option 2')

Long sleeve cool cotton tops 3 different colours for boys

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