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Something for YOU!

They’re arrived! Long sleeve, lightweight, cool Eclipse tops to help keep YOU covered from the sun while still be comfortable. There are six different colours and prints, in Small, Medium and Large.

Thanks to all those, over the years, who have asked for this. Without your encouragement I wouldn’t have been brave enough to branch into adults. I’m most at home with charming chicken prints and smiley sharks for the littlies. But I’m really proud of this range and hope you find something that becomes your ‘go to’ top to wear when you want to cover up from the sun or mosquitoes.

Yes, it’s me modelling the tops. It’s harder than it looks, standing in front of a clicking camera – ekkk! But clever Kimberley of My Little Light Photography snapped these pics in a record breaking 5 minutes, which I was very thankful of, as it was at the end of the marathon photo shoot for our Limited Editions, which involved 9 under five year olds running around the Botanic Gardens on a Saturday afternoon. I totally forgot about shooting the adults range until that morning, so had to quickly find some summer ‘bottoms’ to wear with the tops. It was a hectic day! Will post more information soon, but just had to let you know – at long last - they’re here!

Long sleeve lightweight cool top for adults