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Thank you Australian Red Cross

Hi All,

I’ve been a bit quiet because I can’t get my head around these bush fires. It’s overwhelming. It’s terrifying. I can’t even begin to imagine what people are living through.

I still am at a loss and am struggling to find the words – hard to believe I’m sure from anyone who knows me! But I did want to tell you that Three Sun Possums is donating 100% of profits from sales during the whole of January to Australian Red Cross. It’s something tangible I can do - that I can get my head around. I was going to keep this to myself, as it feels awkward and weird talking about profit at times like these and it’s just not my style (I can't even come up with an appropriately worded blog title for this - I don't want to put 'donation' in it!). But overnight I thought about it in a different way & thought I'd post about it. If you’re thinking of buying ahead for next spring, or getting something for birthday presents, January is the time to do it. I will post a photo of me hitting that online ‘Donate’ #australianredcross button on 1st February!

Australian Red Cross : click here to find out more - I love their ethos 'Relief and Recovery'.

PS. I chose the Red Cross because of the awesome work they do, not just with these current bush fires, but worldwide in disaster situations. I thought about donating to a wildlife fund, to help all those little possums, but people come first for me.❤️️

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