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All January profits donated to Australian bush fire relief and recovery

Thanks to all of you who purchased Three Sun Possums in January. Because of you we were able to donate to Australian Red Cross, supporting their tireless work during the terrifying Australian Bushfires. Nothing more needs to be said that hasn’t already been said about these, except to say one more time how incredible the people working in and around the fires are. Incredible. All profits from January sales have been donated. It felt so good to give! A special thank you to a wonderful customer in Switzerland who placed the biggest order we’ve ever received and brought her northern European Spring order forward, so her purchases could count towards the donation. We were able to donate several hundreds more dollars because of her kindness. Her, and her daughter, are going to look fabulous, cool & covered this summer in Europe, when the snow melts:)

Donation complete All January profits to Red Cross

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