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A little something for you each day

The world has certainly changed since writing the last blog on 11 March. Boom. Just shows how adaptable we all are.

I want to share with you something that is helping me right now. The splendid Turia Pitt. What an inspiration. Her warmth and spark radiate, and warmth and spark is just what we all need at the moment. For 14 days she's sending out little emails with something simple you can do, in 3 minutes or less, to help get through these times. She started last Friday so okay, you've missed a few days, but it's worth signing up to get these daily pops for the coming week. Click here to sign up for her 'Love Letters'. Or you can do it via her Instagram account @turiapitt or Facebook #turiapitt. Tuesday she asked me to put on a song that makes me feel happy (Iko Iko by the Belle Stars - anyone remember that one?), really loud and have a dance. Three minutes of feel good, music pumping energy. Thank you Turia! On the weekend she suggested I look in my cupboard, find one thing I have too much of and give it to someone else. My neighbour, a few doors down, was delighted! Today it was wear something that makes you feel good. And I did. This lovely dress from sunny Queensland, and a necklace purchased at the end of a holiday a few years ago - reminding me of family good times.

Summer dress and necklace

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