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Books winging their way to Lesotho because of you dear customers!

Woo-hoo! Thank you Three Sun Possums customers. You have collectively just sent a pallet of used reading books to Lesotho in southern Africa to help establish primary school and community libraries!

I love reading. I am so grateful that I have been able to pass this gift to my children. They walk around reading, read while brushing their teeth, walking up stairs, from first light to bedtime – and beyond! – they are reading. Several books at once. School bags are so heavy with reading books I can hardly lift them myself. When I say books, I mean printed paper or ebooks. It doesn’t matter which format. We have even been known to say to the children “too much reading! Stop reading!”. We are passionate library users. We source our books exclusively from libraries (despite the occasional well intentioned birthday gift from someone who doesn’t realise our/my aversion to the purchase of new books). When we visit a new place it’s one of our travelling delights to check out the local library (back in the old days when we travelled 😊).

So when I came across Books for Lesotho it spoke to my heart: I can’t begin to imagine what a world with no libraries would look like.

Landlocked in southern Africa, with poor infrastructure and very few libraries in schools and communities, several visionary and motivated people about 15 years ago committed to establishing libraries in their country – supported by a keen group of South Australians. Librarian/teacher training

about what a library is, how to set it up and how to use it is also a big part of the program. Fast forward and what has been achieved is remarkable. Talking with the Australian’s involved in the project provides an amazing insight into how we can all make a difference in the world. They describe it as humbling and an honour to work with the people in Lesotho, but for me, hearing how they started by seeing a problem and now have delivered thousands of books into the hands of enquiring minds on the other side of the world, is humbling and an honour to be able to help.

September was our biggest sales month ever, thank you dear customers. To extend the joy I donated to Books for Lesotho sufficient funds to send a whole pallet of used books to Lesotho. I just love the idea of so many books making their way into young hands because of Three Sun Possums. It feels sort of full-circle in some way. So give yourselves a pat on the back – without your support and care for your own children’s sun safety it wouldn't have been possible.