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Come and explore with us!

In early October we were lucky enough to spend a week bush camping at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, in the Northern Flinders Ranges, 8 hours drive north of Adelaide. What a special part of the world. Spend 4 minutes watching our adventures. With introduction poem that made me cry when I read it for the first time. Good tears of happy memories and wonder that young folk can express themselves so beautifully. Thanks for writing it Elizabeth.

There's lots of brown, hiking and resting on rocks, but you'll also see yellow footed rock wallabies, baby emus, echidnas, ancient wave rocks, radio active streams (don't touch the water!), making rock paint, secluded waterholes, more brown and hiking, abandoned mines, campfires and fly nets. What a week shared with good friends. For those eagle eyed amongst you, you'll also see a few Three Sun Possums tops, put through their paces amongst the brown, the heat and the flies!

The video is accompanied by the song Under Pressure and you might wonder why we chose that song when it looks like it was relaxing :) That's true, it was very relaxing, and we felt like we'd been on a different world! After much debate, Under Pressure was chosen as the soundtrack to our trip because 1) it's an awesome song 2) after spending time in Arkaroola, we had the very real appreciation that the earth and universe is constantly changing and much of it is about forces and pressures pulling and pushing in all directions. Heavy stuff man! Looking up to the sky, Arkaroola is unique place, with many observatories located there, far from city lights, able to peer into distant galaxies. We went to an amazing talk by Doug Spriggs (you'll see in the video) and I felt like I was on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, just about to go to light speed! The universe and our place in it is under constant pressure and change. Looking toward the earth, the geological features near Arkaroola have helped inform our knowledge of earth's formation and continual evolution. All about pressure as well, with land and water which we take as fixed, not being fixed at all. So Under Pressure seemed a very apt theme song to our week of mind expanding experiences. Thank you to Rick (you'll see him in the video too!) for taking us on a time travelling journey and helping us understand that rocks are not just rocks, but story tellers.

Come camping with us........