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Customer question: love the tops, are they ethically produced?

Customer Kerry sent me a note earlier this week.....

I'm really happy with the quality of the tops and thinking of ordering one for myself. Are you able to tell me the distance from shoulder hem to bottom hem of the Eclipse cotton in size large?

While I'm here, where are the garments made and what can you tell me about your commitment to paying a living wage?

I emailed back the below information, and thought I'd share it with you too! Sorry it's so long winded, but if you're interested - read on....

Thanks for asking about how the clothing is made. This is very important to me and ethical manufacturing is central to the very ethos of Three Sun Possums. For me the brand is all about caring for others, and that's right from the initial raw good manufacture through to the end consumer and environment (did you know that natural cotton is compostable?!). I simply would not be in business if Three Sun Possums wasn't ethically and environmentally responsible, from the printing of our custom fabrics through the end result. There's no way I would sacrifice anyone else's wellbeing for the business. Our fabric is printed and garments sewn in Indonesia. I work with small, family run businesses to ensure top quality (as you've noted) and the best working conditions for all involved. I'm very proud that by growing Three Sun Possums I'm offering more quality employment for the team in Indonesia. Particularly at this time, when things are very tough for them, it's really important. I have just launched larger sizes of Possum Pants, and it was great to be able to give them that large piece of work. From time to time I post photos on Instagram and Facebook of the tailors and cutters at work so you can see for yourself the people who make your tops and the great care and personal pride they take in every garment. I think that really comes through in the end product. Staff are very stable, highly skilled, and any vacant positions are much sought after because they are paid well, work in pleasant conditions, have good breaks, and all the things you'd expect if the printing and sewing was located in Australia. Initially I actually looked at producing in Australia, but I couldn't get the fabric I needed and declining sewing skills meant costs were prohibitive. I tried for years, but it just wasn't going to happen. I probably should make more of a big deal about how ethically the clothing is made, but I want the garments to speak for themselves and because it's very normal for me and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way I don't like to promote it heavily. It breaks my heart to think that treating people as you would want to be treated is something out of the ordinary. Perhaps that's something we can continue to teach our children :)

These photos were spontaneously and randomly snapped by me in 2019. Thanks to the team for allowing me to do so. As my family know, I can a real pest when I start taking photos!