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Highly recommended reading

More than just a quick Instagram or Facebook post I wanted to share a mind-shifting book I have come across. I have been lucky enough to read 'Ninu - Grandmothers' Law. The autobiography of Nura Nungalka Ward' recently and feel very grateful to Nura and all who worked with her to bring this book to us. Nura (now passed) told her story because she wanted young Aboriginal people to know the world she had grown up in. It's been translated into English and is filled with archival photographs, which along with her detailed and warm narrative, takes us into Nura's world. Born in central Australia around 1940 she lived a rich and rewarding life which she generously shares. It's almost like she's sitting with the reader, taking them on her journey! So much of this book has left a deep impression on me; the absolute integration and harmony with the environment, the deep knowledge and skill, along with the responsibility of teaching future generations, the intricate social structures, kinship. An extraordinary life and I've learnt so much - her teaching continues!

Magabala Books

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