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Your choice....standard or Super Shady cotton

Some of our tops are made from Super Shady cotton, a slightly thicker weave than our standard Three Sun Possums range. Because of this, they provide more sun blocking potential, but the trade off is that they are not quite as cool and lightweight.

It's over to you what you want, what sort of skin your little possum has, and importantly, what situations your possum will be wearing the top in. Our Super Shady tops are still cooler and more comfortable than other options out there, still 100% natural soft cotton, and available in a range of styles for boys & girls.

You'll be able to identify tops with a Super Shady option by the blue banner on the product page in the shop, shown below. Not all the variations of the top with the blue banner will be Super Shady - there will be some colours and styles that are normal Three Sun Possums lightweight as well. You'll see them when you click on the product and get more information in the product description. For example, the green Palm Tree Chill top shown below is Super Shady, but if you click on that tile you'll also see the option for Palm Tree Popsicle style top, pink, standard weight cotton.

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