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End of month gratitude

Thanks to all you beautiful customers, sharers, likers, possums, supporters, followers, commentators, friends and net surfers! Breaking news is that Three Sun Possums has just had its biggest sales month ever - couldn’t have done it without you folks! We’ve shipped more lightweight summer clothes during November than any other month yet. Excited about what the future holds for our capers in cotton!


Anyone listening to 6 PR radio station in Perth today at 11am today? I was lucky enough to be part of a small business call in, telling listeners about cool ideas for Christmas gifts. And what could be cooler – pardon the pun – than a beautiful lightweight cotton Three Sun Possums top? Perfect for summer and much appreciated by parents. Although let’s be honest, a 4 year old isn’t really going to get excited about clothing for Christmas – no matter how cool and comfy. But parents love them!

Swim tights – in a pool near you this summer

Swim tights are the latest thing in sun protective swimwear, and after being tested this weekend by Miss 10 years they have been given the big thumbs up. Covering the whole leg, swim tights make being in water for longer periods safer for even the most sun sensitive skin. We’ve found two companies providing a beautiful range of UPF 50+ tights for girls. Australian based Platypus and US based Waterlust. Waterlust makes their swimwear out of recycled plastic bottles – so you can help the environment, look good and be sunsafe. No compromise.

Three Sun Possums Features in mychild Magazine

We are delighted to announce that Three Sun Possums' lightweight, summer clothing for Australian kids has featured in a wonderful fashion shoot with Sydney-based mychild Magazine. Thank you to editor Bianca Medina for her excellent layout featuring our latest designs in The Summer Holiday Collection. One of our favourites photos, taken by Perth photographer Anna Lewis Cathcart, was set on a Western Australian beach. This is the first time promotion pictures were set in WA. - owner Michelle Cox


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